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Mulcair will hurt aerospace sector by raising corporate taxes, breaking promises

Posted on September 8, 2015

Thomas Mulcair says the NDP will support Canada’s aerospace sector, but his job-killing corporate tax hikes and broken promises will damage the industry.

“Thomas Mulcair will say whatever is convenient,” said Liberal candidate for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount, Marc Garneau. “Today Mulcair pretends he’ll support the aviation sector, but his job-killing corporate tax hikes will hurt the manufacturers, hurt the parts-makers, and damage the Canadian economy.” 

“Plus, any new funds the NDP is promising for aviation won’t actually flow, because Mulcair has adopted Stephen Harper’s budget policies. By rushing to eliminate the deficit in six months just like Harper, Mulcair will have to break his promises and make cuts,” said Mr. Garneau. “The aviation sector won’t see a penny from Mulcair.”

“Only Justin Trudeau is promising to invest in our economy to support jobs and growth. That’s real change,” concluded Mr. Garneau.

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