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Getting Ahead of the IT Revolution

WHEREAS satisfying and remunerative work is essential to the economic and mental well-
being of an individual and the stability and prosperity of society;

WHEREAS the information technology (IT) revolution will eliminate the jobs of hundreds of
thousands of Canadians in the coming decade; 1

WHEREAS people with a high school education or less are among the most vulnerable to job
loss and, by disposition, skill sets or age, are often least capable of taking advantage of the IT

WHEREAS we face serious skill shortages for mid-level technology jobs such as construction
and the trades that are unlikely to be eliminated by the IT revolution and are well suited to many
of those most vulnerable;

WHEREAS in many parts of Canada companies are reluctant to invest in trainees for
apprenticeship positions required to access permanent jobs in these fields because of additional

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Government of Canada to
undertake a major enquiry to determine the jobs most vulnerable and estimates of transition

BE IT RESOLVED that Canadian governments give priority to programs aimed at equipping
people for mid-level technology jobs, along with financial assistance to travel to that training and
support their families while they make that transition;

BE IT RESOLVED that sufficient financial incentives be available to persuade companies to
hire apprentices in those trades that require apprenticeships for permanent employment.


Contact: Tony Reynolds


1 “What the Future of Automation Means for Canadian Jobs,” Ryerson University, June 15, 2016.

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