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A Canadian is a Canadian: Restoring Citizenship Rights to Canadian Children Born Overseas

WHEREAS all Canadians should enjoy the same rights, including to pass along citizenship to their offspring;

WHEREAS amendments to the Canadian Citizenship Act, enacted by the previous Conservative government, limit Canadian citizenship to the first generation of children born to or adopted by Canadians who live outside Canada, and is therefore discriminatory, unjust, and counter to core Liberal Party of Canada principles;

WHEREAS Canadians have a history of vital global contributions and should not be inhibited from travelling, studying, or working abroad for fear that children born overseas will have fewer rights than those born in Canada;

WHEREAS the Conservative’s amendments means that children born to or adopted by Canadian parents who are travelling, studying, or working abroad become citizens of Canada at birth or at the time of adoption but their children, however, are not entitled to Canadian citizenship if they are born outside Canada;

WHEREAS as a result of Canada’s mobile population in a highly inter-connected world, the amendments to the Canadian Citizenship Act can affect tens of thousands of children each year, based on Asia-Pacific Foundation data showing that 2.8 million Canadians are overseas at any time;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Government of Canada to uphold the principle that “a Canadian is a Canadian” and strike down immediately those aspects of the 2006 Amendment to the Canadian Citizenship Act that discriminate against children born to Canadian parents travelling, living or working overseas.


Contact:  D.Roy Brooke

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