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Promoting Youth Summer Travel and National Tourism

WHEREAS The average Canadian millennial is far more likely to travel abroad for a vacation than to travel within Canada;[1]

WHEREAS Canada faced a $17 billion travel deficit in 2015, where people spent more money abroad traveling than within Canada;[2]

WHEREAS One of the primary barriers for traveling within Canada is its extremely high cost;[3]

WHEREAS VIA Rail received overwhelming interest in their Canada 150 youth tickets, pricing an unlimited train ticket at $150;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada provide financial support to VIA Rail to continue their successful Canada 150 pricing model:

  • to encourage national tourism and make it affordable for youths to explore their own country;
  • encourage tourism to smaller communities like Churchill, Prince Rupert etc.;
  • to promote cultural dialogue within Canada.

Young Liberals of Canada in BC

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