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National DC Power Grid Strategy

WHEREAS climate Scientists have verified that greenhouse gas, primarily CO2, accumulation in the atmosphere is the cause of recent increases in the average global temperature of our planet;

WHEREAS Germany fought two world wars primarily to get and maintain the coalfields of central Europe in order to power its industrial ambitions, but now has switched to primarily green power and a grid;

WHEREAS Canada needs an enabling technology to evolve from dependence on hydrocarbon power generation to “green” sources of energy, primarily electricity harvested from sun, wind and water sources;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party urge the Government of Canada to study the technology of a High Voltage DC Power Grid to link all provincial power grids together to optimise the national transition to greener power, as a joint Federal and Provincial project.

Chilliwack – Hope

Contact: Grant Deyenberg


National DC Power Grid Strategy

Reasons for a National Grid:

Such a National Grid in Canada would be a “Nation Building Exercise” on the scale of the CPR railway or the Trans-Canada Highway and should be marketed to the electorate on that basis. 

In order to optimise the harvesting of solar and wind resources due to their variability over time and geography, an east – west grid is essential for shifting power from where it is being generated to where in time it is needed. Coincidentally, Canada has one of the longest stretches of east –west land mass within its borders on which to find big chunks of sunshine and wind somewhere to continuously power such a grid.

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