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Carbon Pricing in Federal Government Procurement

WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada has resolved to provide national leadership and join
with the provinces and territories to take action on climate change, put a price on carbon, and
reduce carbon pollution; 1

WHEREAS the Government of Canada is one of the largest buyers of goods and services in
Canada, purchasing $16.05B/yr for federal departments and agencies; 2

WHEREAS carbon pricing is the most practical and cost-effective way to lower greenhouse
gas emissions while encouraging low-carbon innovation; 3

WHEREAS charging a carbon price on Canadian goods but not imports can mean losing
Canadian jobs without reducing global GHGs; 4

WHEREAS pricing carbon emissions embedded in purchased goods and services is
necessary for open and fair trade to be compatible with climate sustainability; 5

WHEREAS charging a carbon price on goods and services procured by the Federal
government is entirely within the prerogatives of the Government of Canada, and would not
interfere with any provincial initiative;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party urge the Government of Canada to pilot
integrating carbon pricing into its procurement, with the objectives of:

● Incentivizing domestic and international suppliers to reduce GHG emissions;
● Growing leading-edge carbon accounting and verification businesses in Canada;
● Integrating GHG costs into public tendering, invoicing, and auditing standards;
● Building GHG accounting expertise within the federal civil service.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, if successful, the Liberal Party of Canada urge the
Government of Canada to charge a substantial carbon price on embedded (‘Scope 3’) GHGs
in all new government procurement contracts.



Contact: Phil Northcott



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