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Ban the Marine Use of Unencapsulated Expanded Polystyrene

WHEREAS a plastic product called expanded polystyrene (EPS), when used in block form,
provides economical flotation material in fresh and saltwater docks and floats;

WHEREAS EPS becomes waterlogged, deteriorates when exposed to ultraviolet radiation and
by contact with gasoline, oil and other contaminants, and breaks down when subjected to
extreme weather conditions and boat and debris impact;

WHEREAS pieces of the EPS entering the marine or freshwater environment cause unsightly
pollution and become a pervasive and unnatural part of the environment for which there is no
existing method of removal;

WHEREAS the EPS in its smallest forms endanger invertebrates, fish and waterfowl which
mistake it for food; and

WHEREAS there is no Canadian legislation which requires the use of available methods of
encapsulation while other jurisdictions (including the U.S. States that share waterways with
Canada), do impose such a requirement;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Ministries of Fisheries and the
Environment (and their provincial counterparts) to enact laws which:

1. ban un-encapsulated expanded polystyrene (EPS) products in all new and
replacement, public and private floating facilities in all freshwater, estuarine and
marine environments;
2. establish an effective standard of encapsulation for EPS;
3. require the timely transition to the approved standard for encapsulated EPS, for all
public and private floating facilities currently using un-encapsulated EPS; and
4. require the recycling or disposal of EPS and encapsulation materials.



Contact: Kenneth Jones

1 A similar in substance resolution was submitted by White Rock and Surrey Naturalists to BC Nature where it was endorsed at its 2017 AGM.

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