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New President in British Columbia

Posted on June 26, 2012

Dear Liberals,

I am writing to let you know that I have decided to step down as President of the Liberal Party of Canada in British Columbia. Our Vice President, Brian Rice, will step in to the Presidency, as provided under our Constitution.

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the riding Presidents, Caucus members, party staff, the BC Executive and the National Board.  However, I am leaving the Presidency to focus on fund raising and other activities that are essential to participating in the Liberal leadership race as a candidate.

Wherever I meet experienced Liberals across Canada, I hear “You guys in BC are amazing”. That’s true. We have outstanding leaders throughout BC. To name only a few members of our Executive, Brian Rice is recognized as a leader on riding development; Ray Larson is known as one of the Party’s leading micro-targetting experts; and Mary Pynenburg and Ken Halliday are leading the national Women’s Commission and national Seniors’ Commission respectively. In sum, the LPCBC Executive is in great hands.

Under Brian’s leadership and with a hugely talented membership that is 5,000 strong, I am positive that BC will continue to lead by example in rebuilding our Party. We are moving along the long, steep road to recovery from last year’s defeat, thanks to the steps that party members and supporters are taking every day. I look forward to continuing on that journey together.

Best regards,
David Merner

Call for Candidates: LPC -BC Vice-President

In accordance with the LPC-BC Constitution, Vice-President Brian Rice has assumed the role of LPC-BC President. Brian is past-chair of the BC Federal Leadership Council and has served as LPC-BC Vice-President since November 2011.

In accordance with past practice, the LPC-BC Nominations Committee will begin a search to fill the Vice President position on the Executive. The Committee will seek intentions to stand for the position from any LPC-BC member in good standing.

A message to members will be distributed soon outlining the process in more detail.  It will also be posted at

On behalf of members across the province, the LPC-BC Executive would like to thank outgoing President David Merner for his service over the past eight months and wish him the best of luck in the months ahead.


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