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BC Policy Resolutions, 2017

Under the Liberal Party of Canada’s Policy Development Guidelines, each Provincial/Territorial Board is required to submit up to six prioritized policy resolutions for consideration by the National Platform Committee by November 27, 2017.  Of the six, the top three resolutions will also be considered by Registered Liberals across Canada in the lead-up to the 2018 Liberal National Convention in Halifax.

Registered Liberals across BC have worked hard over the past several months to create an innovative and democratic process for the development and approval of priority resolutions.  This process will culminate in a Policy Day event on Saturday, November 18, where Liberals will have the opportunity to debate and decide on BC’s top 12 policy resolutions.

The agenda and procedures for the Policy Day are provided below, together with the 34 resolutions that have been put forward, grouped by theme.  If you have any questions about the resolutions, sponsors can be contacted directly using the information included in each resolution.

Following the Policy Day, Registered Liberals will receive a link and instructions to participate in an online vote during the week of November 20 to prioritize the 12 resolutions flowing from the Policy Day and allow us to identify the top six resolutions.

If you have any questions about the current policy process underway, please do not hesitate to contact BC Policy Chair, Karina Sangha at

-> LPC(BC) Policy Day Agenda and Procedures <-


Economy, Education, and Finance

Environment, Energy, and Climate Change

Health, Housing, and Social Issues

Justice and Miscellaneous

Our Achievements